What is DAC Express?

DAC Express is a remote ordering module that DAC and SupplyLogic distributors can use to get remote orders into their system. DAC Express is used by Sales Reps and Customers of the distributor to create and send in orders of the products they want to buy.

How Does it Work?

DAC Express can be installed on an iPad, iPhone, or any Windows device running the full version of Windows. It uses data files stored locally to create orders offline when an internet connection is not available. When an internet connection is established, orders are sent in to the distributor via FTP. The distributor processes the orders and delivers the product to the customer.

Contact Us

Review the training videos on the training page of this site to see how DAC Express functions.

Contact us via email at Support@CDRSoftware.com or 985.626.8408 x321 to schedule a demonstration.